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5.30pm Tue, Apr 21, Padayatra on R.V.Road [Apr. 20th, 2009|10:37 pm]
Bangalore LiveJournal Community


We've had 3 successful protests and things do seem to have moved a bit. Today, Transport Minister Ashok (incharge minister for Bangalore South) has been quoted saying that he will make sure Metro does not impact Lalbagh. Yesterday, all the 4 main candidates from Bangalore South(Mr.Ananth Kumar, Mr.Krishna Byre Gowda, Prof.Radhakrishna and Captain Gopinath ) said that they would like to see the metro re-aligned so that Lalbagh does not get touched. Mr.Byregowda has also mentioned that he wants to see Nanda road saved.
We are yet to get more committments for saving Nanda road.

Anyways, we will not rest till we get written assurances that the metro will be re-aligned, after public consultations.

A we continue our protest, our next move is -

Padayatra on R.V.Road, Starting from South-End Circle towards Lalbagh West Gate

Tuesday Apr 21, 5.30pm

BMRCL has demolished 500 feet of Lalbagh's wall and has cut trees in Lalbagh, inorder to build a station inside Lalbagh. BMRCL has also confirmed that 323 trees will be cut on R.V.Road(Nanda Road) for the metro. On the night of April 11, BMRCL illegally started cutting trees on Nanda Road and they were stopped by Hasiru Usiru volunteers.



Shouldn't we save Nanda road and Lalbagh, our natural heritage?


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