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Metro and Lalbagh, Nanda road - what happened and next steps [Apr. 25th, 2009|01:03 am]
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This past week, Bangalore has demonstrated democracy's true potential by coming out in large numbers protesting the destruction of the world renowned Lalbagh and Lakshman Rao Parks (on Nanda Road) by the insensitivity and lack of care for progressive planning by the Bangalore Metro authorities. All Lok Sabha candidates of Bangalore South have endorsed our stand. Mr. R. Ashok, Karnataka Transport Minister has categorically stated he would instruct the Bangalore Metro officials to stop work forthwith. He has also assured that there would be no tree felling on the note that the Government would be willing to consider realigning the southern reach of the Metro. However, the Bangalore Metro authorities have intensified work on this reach, in total disregard of the Minister's assurances to the public. 

Hasiru Usiru has been leading a determined struggle to make sure the metro does not violate Lalbagh and Nanda road. After 4 successful protests earlier this week, significant sections of the people of Bangalore and politicians from Bangalore South are now demanding that we need to look at alternate solutions so that Lalbagh and Nanda road are saved. The protest on April 26 is to demand that :

  1. The government issues an order staying current work on of the metro in South Bangalore
  2. Issues orders for public consultations
  3. Seriously evaluates proposed alternatives and comes up with a new design
Come join us - Sunday Apr 26, 10:30 am  Lalbagh West Gate

[User Picture]From: deponti
2009-04-26 06:32 am (UTC)
Thanks for all the updates on both your blog and the egroup. Imperatives have taken me halfway around the world, and I feel miserable that I am not around. But I am happy to see that the impetus is being built up by people like you.

I remember, many years ago, concerned citizens managed to restrain the then Govt from pulling down Attara Kacheri to build new and "attractive" High Court buildings. So...if a lot of people put their minds to it, a goal can be achieved.
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[User Picture]From: thebluesaint
2009-04-27 04:20 pm (UTC)

What Next?

I really appreciate what you and the group are doing. Wish i could join in, but i work on an erratic schedule.
What has been done has been done... the trees were felled. I have one suggestion here, why not start a 'Plant the Fallen trees' drive. We could always plant the number of trees (and more of course) felled by the ruthless govt. And this time i promise i will be there..!!
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