Dear All,
The BACHATA fever is rising and people of Bangalore can't get enough of it! Lets Celebrate Republic Day with some new learning!! LRDA announces its 4hr BACHATA Beginner Workshop on 26th January 2009, in its own studio.
It is Time to learn some thing new, so that u don't feel you r alone in Dance floor for BACHATA music ...

Venue : LRDA studio, #11, Akshay Arcade, South end road, Basavangudi, Bangalore. Near to Surana College, Opp to VLCC)

Timings : 1200 -1400 hrs & 1500 -1700 hrs
(1400 -1500 hrs Lunch Break)
Fees : Rs. 600 For Singles, Rs. 1000 for Couples.

The registration Slots shall be provided only on First come First Serve basis.

Be first, to book ur slots..

For Reg and Enq :
Call Amudha - 9880881513
John - 9845433370

Happy Dancing!!


Celebrate Valentine's day the Latin way

Saint Valentine's Day is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other, So lets Celebrate the day together, this time the Latin way!!! Latino Rhythms Dance Academy presents a unique way to woo the love of your life.

The entry is only by invites @ just Rs650 per person which includes UNLIMITED Sumptuous BUFFET (Veg/Non Veg)!!

The schedule of the event is:
1. 7pm to 8 pm : FREE Bachata dance Workshop for all. 
2. 8pm to 8:30 pm : FREE JIVE dance workshop for all.
3. 8.30 pm : Performance by LRDA pro team , with their brand new choreo performed at HongKongSalsaFestival
4. Dance Floor opens 8:30pm onwards.

SO we have Latin Valentines' this tooooooooo much already??...think again, there are many prizes to be won,,,the Couple with the Best CHEMISTRY(Hotter than Acidic H2SO4:p ), The Best dressed person and many more LOVELY surprises to be disclosed during the party!!!!!!!

Date : 14 Feb 2010, Sunday
Venue: Amnesia, The Chancery Pavilion
Time : 7pm onwards.

PLEASE NOTE : This time the number of invites are VERY limited and will be given only on first come first serve basis, So collect your pass today either from our Jayanagar Studio or call any of the LRDA team members

John : 9845433370
Amudha: 9880881513

Cheers :)
LRDA Team,

BSA Cyclothon Bangalore

Dated: Sunday 11th Oct 2009
Event: BSA Cyclothon Bangalore
No of cyclists: Around 7000
Cycling Experience: Great
Event Organization: Worst, No water, No proper food.
Distance: Elite (65 Km), Amateur (36 Km), Corporate (25 Km) and many more.....

Too lazy to write the whole thing, so here's the link for a well narrated blog describing what happened yesterday in detail from Srikanth...

The Blog: Blog about the event and our brush with misfortune and come back

Photos from Srikanths Canon Camera: Photos of the event

Public Workshop on ‘People’s Perspectives on Urban Governance and Planning’

 Dear friends,
This is to invite your organisation to participate in a Public Workshop on ‘People’s Perspectives on Urban Governance and Planning’ on Saturday,5th September, 2009 in Bangalore. It will be held at the Instituion of Engineers(opp. Indian Express Office), between 9.30am and 4.30pm.
Bangalore has had a host of urban governance problems and issues due to which the quality of life of a majority of Bangaloreans has been severely affected. 
We have not had elections to the BBMP for 3 years. A group of administrators who are not accountable to the citizens have been framing policies and taking decisions on Bangalore people’s development needs for the past three years. Lack of coordinated planning has been one of the causes for Bangalore's many ills. We have the BBMP and para-statals like BDA, BMRDA, KUIDFC, all creating plans for Bangalore. To remedy this scenario, the 74th Amendment of the Constitution (Nagarapalika Act) calls for establishment of a Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) with elected representatives as 2/3rds of its members. The MPC is mandated to be the main planning agency for the metropolitan area. However, instead of setting up the MPC as per constitutional norms, the government set up a non-statutory body like ABIDe which further worsens the problem.
The workshop will discuss these issues, their impact on Bangalore and also how we, the urban majority consisting of the urban poor, the middle class, RWAs, civil society can work together to remedy the situation.
Please contact us on 92431 94979 for any queries.


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Hey guys! Looking for ways too keep your little ones and yourselves engaged? Look what i found while surfing..Hope this would be of use to you too.

Managing an innovative School of Music where learning music has been made exciting and easy for everyone.
No. 635, 1st Main, 8th Block,Koramangala, Bangalore

A Theatre workshop which helps kids to develop and enhance their imagination, concentration, voice and most importantly to
boost self confidence on and off stage.
Active canvas
No. 343, 10th A Main, 3rd Cross, Jayanagar,Bangalore

So enroll yourselves and have fun... I am enrolling at Music Hub for sure! I found this info on You ll could also keep checking for updates of events/offers there if you want!

Show your care for Lalbagh and Nanda Road - May 9, 8am - 9am

Hi All,

The protests opposing the current plans of the Bangalore Metro in the southern reach have been well publicized in the mainstream media. As a result, they have elicited statements from politicians across party lines supporting  the suggestion that the design and alignment of the metro be re-examined before further work is taken up. Interestingly, yesterday, the Chief Minister has made an adamant statement  saying there cannot be any change to the current plan of the Metro. Why then, did his Transport Minister state otherwise in a pre-election statement? If we do not hold our leaders accountable to pre-election promises, no one will. 

As a result of the CM's blessing, the metro authorities are proceeding with impunity. Yesterday they felled trees in Lalbagh under police protection. It is interesting that the police are busy protecting an action that on various counts is blatantly illegal, and in contempt of the High Court's direction. For example, at the present moment there is no documentary evidence that the portion of Lalbagh that has been "given away" is actually owned by the BMRCL. Separately, the High Court has also issued a stay on all activity within Reach 4 of the Metro (which includes the Lalbagh area), based on a pending case filed by property losers in the area.

While legal means, including a contempt of court filing, are underway to stop this violation, it is imperative that citizens come out and voice their opinion on the short-sighted planning of the Bangalore Metro. Why should portions of the 250-year old Botanical Garden, as well as what is considered by many as urban India's finest tree-lined avenue (Nanda Road) make way for an concrete, overground monstrosity, gigantic overground stations, parking lots, shopping malls, and bus stations? Are there no alternatives? It turns out there are. The metro can go underground. The metro could go along K.R. Road. The metro could go along Jayanagar 11th main. Have these alternatives been explored in all sincerity? Nothing in the Metro Detailed Project Report suggests so.

Hence, this is an appeal to all citizens to come and participate in  a peaceful protest on Saturday May 9, at 8 am. We will assemble at 32nd Cross & Nanda Road (4th Main), Jayanagar. Please visit for details. Please note, Saturday's event is of special significance because officials of the BMRCL, including its Managing Director, will be available on-site. So this is a great opportunity to voice your opinion. Bring friends, bring family, bring colorful posters.

See you there.

Metro and Lalbagh, Nanda road - what happened and next steps

This past week, Bangalore has demonstrated democracy's true potential by coming out in large numbers protesting the destruction of the world renowned Lalbagh and Lakshman Rao Parks (on Nanda Road) by the insensitivity and lack of care for progressive planning by the Bangalore Metro authorities. All Lok Sabha candidates of Bangalore South have endorsed our stand. Mr. R. Ashok, Karnataka Transport Minister has categorically stated he would instruct the Bangalore Metro officials to stop work forthwith. He has also assured that there would be no tree felling on the note that the Government would be willing to consider realigning the southern reach of the Metro. However, the Bangalore Metro authorities have intensified work on this reach, in total disregard of the Minister's assurances to the public. 

Hasiru Usiru has been leading a determined struggle to make sure the metro does not violate Lalbagh and Nanda road. After 4 successful protests earlier this week, significant sections of the people of Bangalore and politicians from Bangalore South are now demanding that we need to look at alternate solutions so that Lalbagh and Nanda road are saved. The protest on April 26 is to demand that :

  1. The government issues an order staying current work on of the metro in South Bangalore
  2. Issues orders for public consultations
  3. Seriously evaluates proposed alternatives and comes up with a new design
Come join us - Sunday Apr 26, 10:30 am  Lalbagh West Gate